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Environmentalism. This is one of the old-age beliefs that most individuals are now into in the modern times, and with good reason too.

Environmental groups raising awareness on environmental issues, news about climate change, topics discussed on national television about the current state of the world's environment, and even environmental articles that tackle the various issues going around it (from climate change down to pollutions present) - these are just some of the ways that bring to man's attention the need to become more conscious about the earth's natural world and give more effort to being eco-friendly. Without the efforts of these individuals who are great advocates about the world's ecosystem and environmental issues, it would not be surprising if one day, your beautiful surroundings will immediately go to waste. Just imagine the pristine empty beaches, virgin forests, uninhabited ecosystems that boasts of seldom trekked hiking trails - none of these would be preserved and most of these would be long gone without the efforts of these individuals who are all for championing the planet's benefits and not to just to gain profit.

Environmentalism is all about ensuring that the next future generations will still have a livable and habitable world to live in. Which is not really a far-fetched idea because, with the level of air, water, and ground pollution being made by man on a daily basis, this place once called Earth will soon be gone. This is what the role of environmentalism is really all about - to protect it from man's continuous and unabashed destruction to support its daily living needs. True that it is not likely done on purpose but in a battle regularly waged between economic development, the push for technological innovations, and the environment, it is nonetheless the world that would be the one to end up suffering from it all. If allowed to continue and without people calling on other individual's attention, the amazing beauty and riches of nature  including beaches will no longer be viewed by youngsters and the succeeding generations.

In fact, it is would be wiser if today's modern industries - manufacturing, commercial, retail, business, trade, mining, engineering, and production - would all focus on championing for the environment's cause at the same time that they are making profits; this would serve as a merger for both goals without necessarily sacrificing the other. Now, should that ever happen, it would definitely make the world a better place to live in.

Please visit https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Environmental_governance if you like to know more related details.